Welcome to Mavanti BV - Your Expert in Wall Decoration

Welcome to Mavanti BV, your European specialist in wall decoration. We distinguish ourselves through our passion for creating unique and stylish products. Our extensive range consists of photo and painting frames, box frames, panel frames, mirrors, and ready-made wall decorations . We also offer a wide range of printed materials, including posters, canvas, dibond, forex and plexiglass .

A Reliable Partner for Retailers
As your reliable partner, we supply to both small family businesses and large retail chains, wholesalers, and online web stores. Our flexible production process allows us to process both small and large orders, and always offers customized solutions that perfectly meet your unique needs.

Specialist in Project Design
Mavanti BV is not only a supplier, but also a specialist in project design for various sectors such as hotels, recreation parks, office buildings, and public buildings. Our bespoke wall decoration solutions are perfect for every project and budget.

Collaboration and Customisation
Our expert team works closely with clients to curate collections that fit seamlessly their wishes. We provide full support for every aspect of your project, from design to delivery.

European Delivery
We serve customers throughout Europe with our extensive delivery options. Our reliable delivery services guarantee that your orders are delivered safely and on time.

Choose Mavanti BV
By choosing Mavanti BV, you choose a partner that stands for quality, flexibility, and excellent customer service. Let us transform your spaces with our stylish and unique wall decorations. Contact us today to discuss your range or project and discover how we can make your vision a reality!

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Quality craftsmanship

Meticulous attention to detail in every product.

Customer service

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For everyone's budget

From affordable solutions to premium choices, we offer a suitable solution for every need.

Aluminum frames

Discover our high-quality aluminum frames for art and photos. Add style and protection to your memories.

Wooden frames

Explore our high-quality wooden frames for art and photos. Add a touch of natural beauty and protection to your memories.

Frames for Canvas

Discover our high-quality baking frames for canvas artworks. Add a stylish edge and protection to your masterpieces.

Panel lists

Discover our high-quality panel frames for materials such as dibond and plexiglass. Add a modern look and protection to your creations.


Discover stylish mirrors for every room. Enrich your interior with our high-quality collection. Upgrade your home today with our quality mirrors.

Passe partouts

Enhance your artwork with our high-quality mats. Discover the perfect passepartout for your photos and works of art. Add a professional look and protection to your creations.

Posters / canvas / printed plates

Order your posters, canvas prints and printed plates via Mavanti Decorations, with or without a frame. Enrich your space with our diverse decorative options to suit your style.

Hanging systems / accessories

Enhance your hanging experience with our high-quality hanging systems and accessories. Make your art and decorations perfect effortlessly with the right tools.