About us

In the early 1990s, Mavanti BV launched itself as a leadingfamily business, manufacturer and wholesaler of photo frames, mirrors and wall decorations. From a modest start as a manufacturer of interchangeable frames, thanks to an undiminished passion for craftsmanship and innovation, we have grown into the expert, leading production company and trusted manufacturer throughout Europe. Every picture frame, mirror, wall decoration and every unique frame we produce today reflects our commitment to top quality.

As a family business, renowned wholesaler and reliable manufacturer, we understand the value of sustainable products and reliable relationships. Whether you are looking for photo frameswall decorationsmirrors  or fully framed artworks, Mavanti stands as your reliable partner, manufacturer and wholesale ready.

We have tailor-made solutions for small family stores, vibrant online shopping platforms as well as for large retail chains. Whether it concerns dozens or thousands of items, thanks to our efficient production we can respond flexibly to everyone's demand.

Partly due to our status as the manufacturer, total supplier and wholesaler, sectors such as hotels, recreation parks, office buildings andschools have chosen Mavanti for their wall decoration projects.

With almost three decades of experience, rooted in true family values, Mavanti stands strong as your preferred choice for quality(photo) frames, mirrors and wall decorations in Europe. At Mavanti, art, quality and service merge into a perfect whole. Dive into the world of Mavanti!