Aluminum frames

For resellers such as art supply stores, photographers, online resellers, hobby stores, home improvement stores, furniture stores and decoration stores , our aluminum frames offer an excellent addition to your range. Perfectly designed to meet the needs of your end consumer, our frames combine quality with style and functionality.

Our frames, available in different finishes such as matt silver and wood-clad, are ideal for framing photos, artwork and decorative items. They offer an elegant touch to any interior, from modern to classic. This versatility makes them an attractive option for customers looking for both quality and aesthetics.

As a reseller, you can benefit from the durability and attractive price points of our aluminum frames, giving you offers a competitive product that is suitable for both small and large projects. They are easy to install and maintain, which makes them particularly attractive to the end consumer.

Choose our aluminum frames to enrich your offer and meet the refined tastes of your customers. Not only are they a beautiful addition to any space, but they also provide long-lasting quality that your customers are sure to appreciate.

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Profile M135

Model M135: an affordable and functional aluminum interchangeable frame with a slim 9 mm profile. The M135 Basic Line offers excellent value for money, making it the most affordable choice in our range.

Profile M109

Model M109: modern aluminium interchangeable frame with a slim 10 mm profile. Available in a range of colors and sizes, including customization. Simple rear exchange, suitable for both horizontal and vertical mounting.

Profile M125

Model M125: versatile aluminum interchangeable frame with 10 mm profile and elegant faceted edge. Available in various colors and sizes, including customization. Easy rear change, suitable for horizontal and vertical hanging.

Profile M150

Model M150: stylish round aluminum interchangeable frame with a 10 mm profile. Available in various colors and standard sizes, with the option of customization. Easy to replace rear, suitable for both horizontal and vertical suspension.

Profile M062

Model M62: robust aluminum changeable frame with a wide 23 mm profile. Available in various colors and sizes, with options for customization. Easy to change backing, ideal for both horizontal and vertical hanging options.

Discover our versatile frames with various glass options for optimal art protection and display

  1. Normal Glass: Classic choice for clarity and protection.
  2. Anti-Reflect Glass: Minimizes reflection for better visibility.
  3. Museum Glass 70: Provides 70% UV protection for art preservation.
  4. Artglas 99: Premium, 99% UV protection, ultra-low reflection.
  5. Polystyrene Glass: Light, break-resistant, ideal for large formats.

Explore our frames of high-quality MDF backsplashes, designed for durability and versatile hanging options

  1. Rotating springs: For quick and easy content changes.
  2. Hanging hooks:
  3. Hanging wire: Robust mounting , perfect for large formats.
  4. Hanging clips: Unobtrusive, neat suspension.
  5. Upright: Especially for small frames, allows upright placement on tables or desks possible.